3 Ways to Instantly Feel Confident

I battled with low self-esteem for years! And now, I'm convinced that it started with the hormonal imbalance that has always been noticeably present since I hit puberty. I told doctors repeatedly over the years about my symptoms and was always told everything was fine. If you have dealt with that, you know how crazy it can make you feel! When I hit my preteen and early teenage years, I began feeling depressed and battled with anxiety. These issues lead to a very negative mindset. I began worrying so much about what others thought that I literally lived my life to please others. I lost who I was and went through the rest of my teenage years feeling like I had no identity. My loss of self lead to a lot of poor choices and kept me in a really bad cycle. When I was finally diagnosed with PCOS at age 26, it gave me a sense of freedom because I finally had an answer. Something I did not realize at the time is that having that knowledge would also lead me on a road of healing emotionally. 

When I decided to get serious about changes, here are the 3 things that changed my mindset within days and lead me down a path of healing:

  1. I began honoring my body and realized that it was a gift and the only one I was going to get. I did this through diet change and began moving more. Sounds simple in theory, but something that we all struggle to do and that's why I love helping women continue on their journey when it gets hard. 
  2. I began fueling my brain with positive things. I began reading books on confidence and self improvement. I also listened to podcasts and cut people out of my life that were negative and made me feel devalued. Sounds harsh, but I would've been no good for anyone had I let those people continue to stay in my life. 
  3. I began nurturing myself. I did and do this through quiet time with God (something I pushed to the side a lot and still have to improve on). I also learned to tell people "no" on things. I was living my life to please everyone else and I finally have learned that I can't please everyone and I can't say "yes" to everything. 

When I took a stand for me and implemented these 3 things, it was incredible at the burden that was lifted off of my shoulders almost immediately. Don't get me wrong, I still struggled because this was a new way of living for me. However, something in me knew it was the right way and it pushed me to improve a little bit more every day! 

If you have been where I am, I would love to hear about anything that you did to help yourself improve and overcome! Please share in the comments! You never know who it might help!