My goal is to help women like you (who are ready to knock the excuses) overcome your PCOS symptoms and live the life you are craving!

What does that actually mean? 

  • It means taking the resources I give you, along with my support, and transforming yourself from the INSIDE out! 
  • It means weight loss, reduced cravings, more energy, and more confidence! 
  • It means loving yourself and loving your life!
  • It means knowing you were meant for more in life! 

Sounds pretty incredible, right!?

We can work together to turn those things into a reality! Just to be CLEAR, I can't do this for you! I can show you everything I did and put it in a step-by-step format. Once you take all that in, it's up to you to make the change. Once you make that decision to change, I can support you every step of the way! 

Because you were created for more!

Being created for more isn't just reserved for certain people! I'm a firm believer that we all are born with a purpose. However, being sick or battling with self esteem issues can hinder us from reaching our fullest potential. You are only a victim of your circumstance if you allow yourself to be! I know this because I've been right where you are. I'm no longer a victim because I chose to rise up from my circumstance and push through it until I reached the other side. 

Essentially, I'm most interested in us creating lasting positive change!

Maybe the thought of lasting change excites you and gives you a big glimmer of hope! There's also that side of you that is fearful, doubtful, and wondering if I can really help you. Let me ease your mind: 

  • I know that every person reading this has what they need inside of them to succeed. Sometimes, we just need a little help from the outside to bring those things out of us. The many women I have already had the pleasure of coaching have lost weight, increased energy, reduced cravings, AND some have even fell pregnant! 
  • I have a love for teaching and creating resources that make this process as easy as possible for you. As a former special education teacher, this allows me to still do what I love. Create and teach! The only difference is that what I do now changes families, not just the kiddos! 
  • I've been through a certification program on how to eat for optimal health as well as mini trainings for gut health and metabolism. This knowledge has helped me tremendously with my own PCOS and gives me the ability to filter through all of the conflicting information that is found on the internet! 
  • I will not let you off of the hook easily! When you decide you want to quit because it's too hard, I will remind you of why you started and give you all the reasons why it's worth continuing forward! 
  • I'm an East TN girl! I love my southern comfort food! I want the foods and meals I share to be practical. While I still haven't found a way to healthify biscuits and gravy, I do my best to make eating enjoyable. Kale salad? No thank you! Although, I do love some crispy kale chips! 
  • I'm a prime example of how to self sabotage and destroy your life without even realizing it. I was insecure, talked badly to myself, felt that anything I did had to literally be perfect or it wasn't worth doing, and I always felt like people were judging me or talking about me. In return, I allowed myself to feel so inferior around others that I began judging them to elevate myself. However, there's a happy ending. While I don't think anyone can ever be perfect at this, I have completely transformed the way I see myself and the world around me. It's surreal at how happy and free I feel now! 
  • I'm a researcher. Not a professional one, but I could totally do it for a job and enjoy it! I LOVE reading, listening to podcasts, and going to conferences and seminars. Total nerd right here! This can be used to your advantage because I am constantly studying up on PCOS and making sure that I have the latest and most accurate research/knowledge stored in my brain! 
  • When I'm not coaching or creating, you'll find me spending time with my sweet little family, hanging out with close girlfriends, attending small group and church functions, dreaming about the ocean, singing, and googling and coming up with activities for my little one because I miss that part of teaching. Why is this relevant to you? I don't allow coaching to consume my every moment. That allows me to continually feel refreshed and excited about helping you reach your goals and fullest potential! 

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If you want this, stop hesitating. 
Lean in to what you want.
And don't look back.